Private and Semi-private personal training — perfected to make you better.

The top tier of coaching individualization as well as accountability.
Our coaches develop a relationship with you — establishing a personal program so that you can live, move, and be better.

  • As we all age, it is more and more important to ensure not only good muscular tone, but to have good joint mobillity. The Balance workout is truly a process that makes this happen
    (Private / Semi-Private Training)
  • I am making noticeable/quantifiable progress with strength in areas that have always been elusive
    (Private / Semi-Private Training)
  • The training provided by The Balance is exceptional. All the exercises are built from the ground up. Joel takes great care in ensuring proper technique is always followed. My core strength has never been stronger. When I started at The Balance my shoulders were weakened by a torn labrum. Today my shoulders are strong enough for ring pullups and dips.
    (Private / Semi-Private Training)
  • i love the small gym experience and the fact that the trainers take a limited number of clients so that they can give plenty of attention to each one. I am very appreciative that my coach listens to any issues that i may be having at the time and structures my workout around those issues.
    (Private / Semi-Private Training)

Included in your training package
is The Balance assessment.

We customize each individual program so we know where we are starting, the direction we will go, and the tools to get us there effectively.
Based on your needs and goals assessments can include aspects of body composition, nutritional coaching, cardiovascular, movement screening, strength testing, as well as joint assessments. Every person is a little bit different, so each assessment is a little different.

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