A better you — starting from the inside out.

You should be the centerpiece of your nutrition strategy. Long term success with your health is what drives us. It is important that a coach understands the nuts and bolts at a technical level but be able to explain it in very simple terms.

Master your metabolism, maximize health and get results. All nutrition programs are designed based on your unique goals…whether that it be fat loss, muscle gain, or simply an increased understanding of how to create a sustainable, realistic relationship with food. The right training with optimal fuel is the best way to achieve peak personal potential.

Tiffany Breeding, PHD, CSCS is fueling The Balance with her expertise.

  • PhD, health and Human Performance

  • MS, Kinesiology & Sport Psychology

  • BS, Psychology

  • NASM, Fitness Nutrition Specialist

  • NSCA, Strength and Conditioning Specialist

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