Motus will help you become a better version of yourself. 

Motus is our circuit-based class that will help you become better by teaching your body to function as an integrated unit
through pushing, pulling, squatting, skipping, hinging, crawling, slamming and more.   

Try out Motus now! 

You can sign up for your first class directly through the MindBody Online app by selecting the "Try it now!" option.
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Monday:          11:00AM
Tuesday:           6:00AM
Wednesday:     11:00AM                  Thursday:        6:00AM
Friday:             11:00AM

Do Motus!

Our years of training experience have led us to conclude that developing and maintaining proper function of the body has an amplifying effect on any and all fitness goals, whether for fat loss, injury mitigation and reduction, improved athletic performance, or general fitness. Motus, meaning 'movement' in Latin, is structured as a small group training class that stays true to its name. With each class building upon the one before it, Motus goes beyond just giving you a good workout. By utilizing all types of movement-based drills and exercises, we train the body the way nature intended, as an integrated system that, when functioning efficiently, leads to improvements in all aspects of both fitness and activities of daily living.

  • I enjoy the more direct one on one training but have just recently enjoyed changing up my routine by going to the Motus classes. It's in more of a group setting and it has been great.
    (Private / Semi-Private Training, Motus)
  • The Balance has helped me gain strength to dig deep and find my health again. I have started to gain definition, strength, and confidence. An added benefit is I'm more aware of what i eat and have lost weight. What more could you ask for?!
    (Private / Semi-Private Training)
  • Motus is a unique class. It balances strength and mobility training with exercises to improve your cardiovascular fitness.
    (Motus Class Training)
  • i love the small gym experience and the fact that the trainers take a limited number of clients so that they can give plenty of attention to each one. I am very appreciative that my coach listens to any issues that i may be having at the time and structures my workout around those issues.
    (Private / Semi-Private Training)