Physical Training Offered

It's our version of personal training. With either Private or Semi-private offerings, training is individualized, affordable, and effective.

Motus is a class structure comprised of corrective and time-based challenging circuits designed to get you moving, working, and feeling balanced.

Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system taught as a class, that develops maximum body control while simultaneously increasing flexibility and usable ranges of motion.

  • Joel is the first trainer I've ever had who has taught me correct form and explained what muscles to use and how to use them with different movements. I also love the focus on mobility. I plan to be in good shape when I'm 100 years old thanks to Joel. I've never been stronger.
    (Private / Semi-Private Training, Kinstretch)
  • Joining The Balance has been the best thing I've done for myself. The trainers are knowledgeable. Every time, there are new workouts — keeping it fresh and fun. It has made me accountable.
    (Private / Semi-Private Training)
  • I have trained under the guidance and expertise of Joel for more than 10 years. He has designed training plans for me in preparation for racing bikes and long endurance riding to triathlon training, to balance and core stregth training, or whatever my current fitness needs might be... I enjoy the atmosphere and positive environment of The Balance, as well as the unmatched, educated expertise of the traininers. Proper form, cueing, and execution are always priority for each individuals' level of performance. I would say all the coaches are "cutting edge" in the ever evolving field of fitness instruction.
    (Private / Semi-Private Training)

What is The Balance?

The Balance is an unconventional training gym for people who want to be better — not just thinner, stronger, or faster — but better.

That means sleeping better, moving better, and feeling better through nutrition, health, and exercise.

The Balance is approaching health and fitness like no other gym in the southeast.  By combining current research, unparalleled experience, and crisp effectiveness we can offer carefully tailored programs for the individual needs of every single client. These customized programs are based around your need for improvements with nutrition, mobility, resistance training, and/or endurance training. Our individual assessment and evaluation provides us with the tools to get you a clean, clear-cut program.


We start with our own assessment procedure. We can tell you your current body composition, set your nutritional parameters, cardiovascular components, strength levels, range of motion at joints as well as a picture of your overall biomechanical movement health. We use a variety of screens, tests, and strategies that comprise your own personal assessment profile that is specific to your goals. This also sets the stage for ideal timing and frequency of re-evaluations and tracking progress. You can see the results of your consistent and steady progress.