The Balance helps people be better — a better version of themselves through nutrition, health, and exercise.

The Balance helps you be better; become a better version of yourself through agility, strength, and movement.

If you can’t move well, you won’t do anything else well. Doesn't matter if it's a triathlon or putting on shoes.

We’re currently the only place in Nashville to offer Kinstretch; we’re experts in strength training, mobility, 

Pilates, and nutrition. We will provide you with a health and fitness program that gives you legitimate results.


Dede Brignardello has been a pillar of Nashville’s Pilates scene for more than 20 years. Rest assured that your practice will be safe and effective .

Dede and The Balance give you the opportunity to fully incorporate

Pilates with your strength conditioning program, helping you achieve results faster.

Working out at The Balance is different from anywhere else. Stretch and Strength work together, giving you the most from your time.

Joel and his coaches educate and emphathize,

 fostering real change in yourself and your habits

through classes, individual coaching, and nutrition.

Our clients have 24-hour access to our online resources, featuring a library of videos, recipes and moves to help you stay on track. Let us help you find YOUR Balance!